Can I Buy A House When I’m Paying Off A Student Loan?

If you’re just out of college and facing a lot of student loan debt, but you’ve got a good job and want to buy a house, there are some things to consider before you sign for that mortgage. 

Explaining Credit Cards: The Easy Way

Can you explain the way a credit card works? Are credit cards a good way to purchase something you can’t afford? Why, or why not? Find out now, with this story about young Kate and her Mom.

Your Complete Guide To Identity Theft Protection

If you’re not worried about identity theft, you should be! We’ve got a list of simple steps you can take to keep yourself out of the thieves’ crosshairs!

Landings Lowdown - Second Quarter Newsletter

Stay informed of everything that is going on at Landings CU through our quarterly newsletter, the Landings Lowdown. Read it now!

7 Money Myths You Need to Stop Believing

How many moneymyths have you fallen for? Read our article and see how many of these common misconceptions have made their way into your financial outlook!


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When you're looking to apply for a credit card, which feature is most likely going to convince you to sign up?

Auto Loans


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Visa Rewards Card


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Share Certificate


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