5 Things To Do Today To Help Your Future

College can be fun, but it’s also time to prep for the real world! Read our tips and you’ll be a big step ahead when it’s time to graduate and go job hunting!

Student discounts you can use

Student life can be expensive, but lucky for you a lot of companies offer big student discounts. Check out the full article to get all the details how how you can save,

Food that improves your focus

The old standbys of a pot of coffee or a 2-liter of caffeinated soda are study time staples, but you can get the lift without the jitters and crash! Oatmeal and #chocolate both provide brain boosts, and the humble banana is a hidden focus enhancer. The healthy fats in avocados will help your brain function better, and the natural sugar in apples will fuel your mental fire.  Eat to win!


Did you know that your debit card is vulnerable to skimming devices at the gas pump just like your credit card? And that losses might not be as well-protected? If you use your debit card at the pump, be sure to look for signs that the card reader has been tampered with: check the security tape, examine the PIN pad and card slot and use a phone app designed to go detect skimmers. Update your card to a chip version ASAP for extra protection! How do you pay at the pump? Why do you choose this method? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

LCU's School Uniform Drive breaks record

Landings CU’s 9th Annual Uniform Drive brought in a record number of donations. The donations were used to purchase 375 uniform pieces.

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When you're looking to apply for a credit card, which feature is most likely going to convince you to sign up?

Auto Loans


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Visa Rewards Card


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Share Certificate


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