6 Tax Scams to Avoid

There are a lot of scams that come out of the wood works during tax season. Here are 6 scams to be aware of as you prepair to file your taxes.

Energy Saving Tips – What To Look For When Buying New Appliances

Don’t let a new appliance drive your power bill up! We’ve got tips to help you pick the right one for your needs!

Phone Cloning - Digital Self Defense

Phone cloning is an epidemic, and you might already be a victim! If a hacker has cloned your #phone , he can use it for drug or other illegal transactions, and it will look like you’re the one doing the deed! Also, financial and personal information stored on your phone is at risk. Be sure your phone is password-protected, and always review your phone bill for calls made to numbers you don’t recognize. Have a friend call you and make sure no one else answers, and be suspicious if you have trouble sending texts or making calls. If you get cloned, report it immediately and work with your

De-stressing After the Holidays

Coming back to reality after holiday vacations can be a bummer, but you can beat the blues! Take a day to relax before the end of your vacation, and contact someone at your office who worked during the holiday to check on things. Nostalgia can be a two-edged sword, so be careful about reliving your vacation so soon. Instead, try yoga or meditation to calm down, and be sure to get some sunshine and exercise to beat jet lag. You might start planning your next vacation if that’s helpful, and be sure to talk about your feelings with a compassionate friend if the blues get too deep! How do you de-stress after the holidays? Share your best tips with us in the comments!

Is Online Bill Pay Safe?

A few clicks, and your bills are paid!

But is it safe? Unfortunately, many people share sensitive information with crooks, thinking they’re paying a bill.

Here’s how to keep your money safe.

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When you're looking to apply for a credit card, which feature is most likely going to convince you to sign up?

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