Youth - (18-21)

Young Adult

This account was designed specifically for young adults. During this time, many important life changing decisions are made. Should I go to college? What college should I apply to? How can I finance my education? What type of job do I want? Can I afford a car? Landings Credit Union is here to help your young adult prepare for all of these important milestones with great membership benefits:

  • Dividends paid monthlyVisa Rewards point redeem
  • Free Checking Account – no minimum balance
  • Free VISA Debit Card
  • Free Online and Mobile Banking
  • Visa Rewards Credit Card - no annual fee
  • NCUA Insured


Please ensure you bring proper identification for your child. The below is accpted identification

  • Social Security Card and Birth Certificate


  • State Issued ID for the older minors


  • Passport