Online Banking & Bill Pay

Online Banking

Our free online banking service lets you use any computer with internet access to view your account balance, transfer money, see if a check has cleared, and much more. It's easy to set up and easy to use. You can receive your online access credentials by stopping at any of our branches, calling into our call center, or you can enroll yourself online.



You now have the ability to transfer funds between all of your financial institutions with just a couple of clicks. Our Online Banking system now supports FI to FI transfers, or as we like to call it, ezTransfer. You can send or receive up to $5,000 a day from/to your Landings CU account after getting set up. You can enroll yourself online or give us a call to get set up, then add your other accounts, it's that ez.

Online Bill Pay

Our Online Bill Pay system also allows you to pay your bills online directly from your account. All you have to do is fill out the amount, and the payee information and a check will be cut and sent to them, free of charge. Free online bill pay makes it easy to organize your monthly expenses and make sure all of your bills are paid right on time.


How to use Landings Credit Union's 24-hour account access line:

Call TellerPhone at (480) 829-8728
Enter your base account number. Remember your base account number does not include any leading zeros or suffix numbers. Your primary account number can be found on your statement or the bottom of your checks. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you don't have a PIN, please call (480) 967-9475 to customize a 4 digit PIN. The system is initially in Menu Mode. It will offer you various options and lead you through your transaction. We have provided a wallet card to help you with your selections.

Some Important Notes when using TellerPhone:

You have the option of selecting Expert Mode. In expert mode, there is no menu to choose from. Tellerphone waits for you to enter a service code. These codes are also listed on your wallet card. This is a faster way of getting information, as you do not need to wait through the menu choices. You can select expert mode by selecting "change preferences" from the "additional options" menu.

Your PIN must be four numbers between 0011 through 9998.
You can customize your number in the "change preferences" menu.
You need your suffix numbers to inquire on your sub-accounts.
These sub-accounts are listed on your statements and receipts.
There is a space provided on your wallet card for you to jot your suffix numbers.
When entering dollar amounts:

Do enter dollars and cents
Do not enter decimals, for example, $100.00 would be entered as 1 0 0 0 0
Transfers are not available from Holiday Shares or Summer Bridge due to account restrictions.
Line of Credit advances are available. The minimum amount is $50. Withdrawals by check will be made payable to the primary member and mailed to the address on file.
If you have any questions regarding TellerPhone, please call (480) 967-9475 during business hours.

Landings CU Mobile

You can access your accounts anywhere you go with the Landings CU Mobile App! Once you install our mobile banking app on your smartphone or tablet, you'll never have to wonder about your current account balance again. You can do your banking on your terms, as your life dictates. No more having to call in or sit down at a computer to find out your current account balances or to make a transfer from one account to another.

Download the Landings CU Mobile App


Having quick and easy access to your financial records can make life's big moments less stressful. With eStatements, you can download and print electronic versions of the statements you'd normally receive in the mail, so it's faster to get to you and we can save some trees in the process. We'll also send you an email every time a new eStatement is ready to be viewed. It's never been easier to keep track of your long-term financial history.

Additional Services

In addition to all of the transactions and record keeping benefits of online access, you also have the ability to apply for loans, make a payment to your Landings VISA or Visa Rewards, change the address listed on your account without going to a branch, and to view any transactions that are pending to be deposited or withdrawn from your accounts.