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Please Note: Due to social distancing requirements all Franklin Club events will be postponed until further notice.

Thank you for understanding. 


Franklin Club is a FREE CLUB for those interested in putting themselves in the best financial position. The club meets for an hour and a half every other month for food, company, and conversation. We will have experts lead the conversation and cover topics that you are interested in, such as home buying, investing, credit score.


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Here is what a Franklin Club Member had to say about the Financial Blue Print 


2019 Events


Financial Blueprint - February 2, 2019 

Ending the paycheck to paycheck cycle. No one likes to hear the word ‘budget’, but having a budget or a Financial Blueprint as we call it, is an important start to ending the paycheck to paycheck cycle. At this event, we will give you a blueprint to start your financial foundation.

Camp Franklin - August 3, 2019 
This fun-filled Franklin Club event is for parents and kids of all ages. We will have fun activities for the kids to start the conversation of saving, and we will have lots of tips for parents to help instill healthy saving and spending habits in their kids.

Knowing the CORE of your SCORE - April 16, 2019 
You’re more than just a number, we know that, but your credit score number is something you’ll want to know. We want to help you understand the core of your credit score. At this club meeting you will learn why your score is
important, what affects it, and steps you can take to make it better.


Event Materials


Financial Blueprint 

        Financial Blueprint - Budget Spread Sheet

AMA: Home Buying 

        2016 Home Buying Assistance Program

        Home Buying Do's and Don'ts

Knowing the CORE of your SCORE



        The Credit Score Quiz