Sticky Password

November 13th 2017

Remember the good old days when the only passwords you had to remember were one for your debit card and another for a single email account? Me neither. Those days are long gone! Today, when the average American has three email accounts, is active on social media and has dozens of other sites and gadgets requiring passwords, keeping track of every personal access code can be incredibly overwhelming.

This is where password managers come into play. Available for installation on both mobile devices and desktop platforms, the programs work to help you manage your passwords so you never need to click on the “Forgot Password” link again. They also keep you from getting lazy and making the not-so-safe choice of having a device remember your passwords for you.

Sticky Password is one such resource, and it works quite simply. You can download Sticky Password by clicking on the “Get Sticky Password” button/link on the website, Once installation is complete, the program will launch and walk you through the setup process.

Next, you’ll choose a master password. Pick a strong one, but one that will still be easy to remember because this is the only one that will not be saved anywhere except for your memory. Sticky Password won’t be able to retrieve it for you. This means, if you forget it, you’ll have to start the entire process over from scratch.

Next, you’ll set your account, choose your settings and import passwords from your chosen browser. If you’d like to add new website credentials in the future, visit the website and click the Sticky Password plug-in button in your browser. Then, you’ll enter your login and password information, and Sticky Password will automatically log you in on all subsequent visits. This means no more trying to jog your memory to remember which password you used for which site — Sticky Password will do the work for you!

To protect consumers, Sticky Password utilizes two-factor authentication for login, and any information or passwords that are copied from sites to Sticky Password are automatically deleted from the device’s clipboard after 30 seconds have elapsed. The program also gives you the option of pre-populating your personal information, so it can be input automatically when completing online forms, saving you valuable time. Another helpful feature is the opportunity to create multiple identities, each with their own unique information. This is super convenient for those who juggle several online personas, such as a work identity and another one for personal social media interaction.

Like most password managers, Sticky Password has both a free version and a paid plan with upgraded options. The free version will give you the ability to manage unlimited passwords and instant form-filling for one device. If you’d like to sync your info across multiple devices, or utilize cloud backup, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version, at $30 a year. Sticky Password also offers the option of a lifetime license for just $150.

While many users delight in Sticky Password’s ease of use and the superior convenience it offers, others are less than delighted by the lack of a comprehensive security check. Unlike other password managers, Sticky Password will not scan your passwords and give them a security score, along with suggestions on how you can strengthen them. Others also find the interface to be too simple and not sophisticated enough.

If you find yourself drowning in passwords, though, you just might want to give Sticky Password a try!