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1.) Trade in your electronics Gather all those old gadgets and devices you no longer use and bring them to your local electronics store. They’ll likely offer you a gift card for your treasures. Some larger chains, like Best Buy, run a retail-collection program to help you responsibly dispose of old electronics, giving you the chance to earn a gift card. (Read Full Article)


What is Franklin Club All about?

Hopefully, by now you've seen or heard something about the Franklin Club @LandingsCU, but what is it really all about? 

Franklin Club was started because we realize there is a large gap between the financial information we learn in school and what happens in the real world. 

“Financial Education" for adults usually comes from companies wanting to sell you something, or from a “guru” that charges an arm and a leg to take their course. Not at Franklin Club. Here we offer a safe, judgment-free place where all people, whether they are members or not, can get free, no strings attached information so they may make sound financial decisions. 

The information is free, and so is the food (really good food). Please join us at our next club meeting as we talk about the home buying process on May 5th at 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at our Tempe Location. Happy Cinco de Mayo!   RSVP HERE 

Get more info about Franklin Club at


Four Reasons Millennials Need an Estate Strategy

You’re young, have little in savings and likely have no one yet relying on you financially. So why do you need to think about estate management?

Here are four great reasons:

Estate Strategies: They're Not Just for the Elderly

1. You need a will. You may ask why a will is important if there’s not much to pass on. A will is not just about transferring assets. It can be used to accomplish other tasks, such as naming who should manage your social media accounts once you’re gone or inherit items you’ve accumulated, like collectibles or your car.

2. Don’t burden others with burial expenses. Funerals can be expensive, and if you don’t have the savings to meet those costs, that burden gets shifted to others. (Read Full Article)
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