Is Online Bill Pay Safe?

A few clicks, and your bills are paid!

But is it safe? Unfortunately, many people share sensitive information with crooks, thinking they’re paying a bill.

Here’s how to keep your money safe.

1. Never respond to a bill pay service that directly contacts you
In those situations, it’s difficult to verify a link’s authenticity. Instead, seek out the service yourself.

2. Don’t share information by email
Email is one of the least secure forms of communication.

3. Read the privacy policy
Read the fine print of the bill pay service. It should mention strong data encryption and other measures of protection.

4. Don’t let it save your password
If the site offers to save your password, bypass the offer.

5. Log out
Always log out of your account after you’ve paid your bills so no one can access your information. This is especially important when using public computers.
Paying your bills online is a convenient and money-saving way of taking care of your payments. Just be sure to follow important safety measures!