Magstripe Debit Cards to be turned off




This is a reminder that as of Monday, April 3rd , 2017 your old magstripe debit cards will no longer work. In February 2017, we sent out the new EMV-chip debit cards. Please ensure that you have activated your new debit card and updated any of your auto pay accounts with your EMV-chip debit card number.

If you have not received your new debit card please call 480-967-9475

The number to activate your new card and select your PIN is 1-844-688-4728


EMV Chip Debit Cards - Coming Soon


Landings Credit Union is always looking for ways to improve your banking experience with us. Which is why we are excited to announce that we are taking the next step in keeping your money safe and secure through EMV Chip debit cards.

We will be providing you with your new EMV chip debit card with a new card number that will be different from your current card number. In the month of February, you will be receiving your new card, and you will need to call (number will be provided with the new card) to activate it and select a pin. Pin numbers will not carry over automatically, however you may select the same pin if you choose. 

We want to make sure this process goes smooth for you, so please make note of a few items:

  • Ensure your mailing address is correct with us if it has been recently changed.
  • Update any automatic payments established with your current debit card number.
  • You and any other cardholders on your account will have different debit card numbers.
  • Your old debit cards will no longer work as of April 3rd, 2017

To check out more information on the security that the EMV chip provides click this link.

If you have any questions about your new card please contact us at 480-967-9475, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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