Credit Union Shared Branching Network

Being a part of a smaller credit union has a ton of advantages, but one thing we've heard is that the credit union isn't close to me or that we don't have enough branches/ATM's. 

Did you know that, as a member of Landings Credit Union, you have access to hundreds of no fee ATM/ Branches in Arizona and thousands nationwide? We are a part of a large network of other credit unions that participate in Shared Branching Network.  It's just like having the Landings Credit Union in your neighborhood or right next to your office. 

You can go to just about any credit union and withdraw cash, make a deposit, or do just about any other basic credit union function and it is just like walking into your own credit union.

Find a shared branching location near you


ATM Locator

We do have ATM's at all of our branches, however by clicking the link below you can find all the credit unions ATM's in Arizona. Some of these locations will accept ATM deposits along with other services.

Find an ATM


There is even an app for that

CU24 ATM Locator will help you find the nearest CU ATM no matter where you are in the country.

Apple - CU24 ATM Locator 

Android - CU24 ATM Locator

**NOTE: Desert Schools is no longer participating in the shared branching program. If you are currently using Desert School to access your Landings CU account please click here to find another shared branching location near you.