Effective  Friday, September 15th the Federal Reserve will begin implementing Phase II of the Same Day ACH processing requirement.  This means that a majority of ACH transactions, which is electronic payments, will be processed on the same day the transaction occurred.  This in turn means that the funds could come out of your account quicker than it has done previously.

In order for you to avoid any overdraft charges or non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees please ensure that you carry an available account balance that is enough to pay for any transactions that you conducted or authorized (i.e., debit card transactions, checks, auto-deductions, withdrawals, etc.).

Here are some tips you can use to help stay on top of your account with these new changes…


  •   Plan for all transactions you pay for to be immediately withdrawn from your account
  •   Ensure that you have an available balance in your account to pay your transactions
  •   Review your account using our mobile app, Online Banking, TellerPhone or by calling us directly
  •   Sign into Online Banking and set up alerts on your account
  •   Access your account when you are on-the-go using our Landings mobile app