6 Tax Scams to Avoid

January, 22 2018

Image shows clip board with a list attached to it.

#1 Phishing scams. Fake emails or websites impersonating the IRS lure victims into sharing sensitive information.

#2 Phone scams. Criminals pretending to represent the IRS call victims demanding immediate payment and risk of arrest.

#3 Identity theft. Scammers pose as accountants or tax-return preparers, filing tax refunds using victims’ Social Security numbers.

#4 Fake charities. Bogus charity funds preying on victims who have just received their tax returns.

#5 Inflated refund claims. Scammers promise inflated refunds in exchange for a signed tax return.

#6 Falsify income to claim increased credits. Criminals persuade victims to claim income that didn’t happen with the goal of producing a higher return.